PharmourR – Cold Chain Armour is led by Industry Pioneers and Innovators of Insulated Shipping Containers (ISCs), Rod and Carli Derifield. Back to the Industry with more Passion for Quality and Innovation than ever before; Invigorated and Energized. They are here for the Long Haul.


“We are 100% dedicated to providing products that support biologics and life sciences organizations by protecting their critical shipments throughout the cold chain.” States CEO Carli Derifield. “We don’t care about being the biggest, we care about the best, – supplying the best, and doing our part to improve and save lives. There is nothing more Important.


PharmourR’s focus is on the design, testing and supply of Passive Insulated Shipping Solutions that keep critical shipments in optimal condition throughout the cold chain. Focusing on one crucial link in a compliant cold supply chain, and providing solutions for that crucial link all day every day. That makes them the best at what they do.


Over 1 million shipments have been made in ISCs designed and/or patented by the Derifields. Zero Excursions due to non-conformance of products manufactured and supplied by them have been reported. Now that is Excellence.


Collectively PharmourR holds over 50 years of Expertise within the Cold Chain Industry. The design, engineering and management team has been together for 20 years. “You cannot get better than that!” adds Rod Derifield “An organization is as good as its people, we have only the best on our team at Pharmour. That ensures Quality and Innovation.