Pharmour’s Services:


Manufacturing and Supply:

Headquartered in California, US and taking advantage of over 20 years of experience and learnings from the global manufacturing and supply of our products, PharmourR has perfected its processes to ensure the highest level of Quality; the highest level of Service; the highest level of Innovation; at the lowest possible cost.With a network of Domestic and International partners, we can guarantee uninterrupted supply of our products globally.


Design and Prototyping:

Consider the PharmourR Design and Engineering team your Design and Engineering team. If your application and requirements are unique and we do not have an already existing design solution that meets those requirements, we will become an extension of your organization and work on designing, prototyping and supplying you with one that does.We do everything ourselves in-house, with only the most skilled team members for speedy design and rapid prototyping. This way we have complete control and visibility over the entire process. Just the way we like it.


Testing and Validation:

The PharmourR team has been testing and validating Insulated Shipping Containers (ISCs) for over 15 years. Whether you need Proof of Concept/Design (POC/POD) testing; Verification of Performance (VOP) testing; Real-Lane Ship Testing; or full Validation (IQ, OQ, PQ) testing, we can manage and execute that for you.Working with only Independent Accredited Environmental Testing Laboratories across the globe, we will guarantee Integrity of Testing; Independence in Execution; and Compliance in Reporting. You know you are in good hands with an Author of the only Thermal Testing Guidelines issued to date, a world-renowned Thought Leader, and a team of the first internationally certified Thermal Professionals in the world.