Insulated Shipping Boxes

PharmourR makes the transportation of Pallet-Load or Bulk-Load products easy and compliant with our DEFENDER ULD Series of pallet shippers. Designed to maximize compliance, and minimize cost-per-shipment, we have the Pallet solution to fit all aircraft ULD Cargo spaces and for every possible application.




Design Features & Benefits:

  • 10 Minute Pack-out
  • 1 Person Pack-out
  • Holds 48” X 40” X 48” Pallet load (OR LESS)
  • Holds US or Euro Pallet securely
  • Delivered Fully Assembled or Flat-Packed
  • Training can be provided (unnecessary)
  • 4-way high-spec heavy duty pallet molded in base
  • Universal Pack-out – One Pack-out for Winter and Summer

Defender Graph

Performance Features & Benefits:

  • 2° – 8°C, Frozen, or CRT/Ambient Pack-outs available for all sizes.
  • Quarter Pallet, Half Pallet, and Full Pallet Load sizes available.
  • Performance Duration 7+ days