Insulated Shipping Boxes

Pharmour’s ISCcubeR Series is designed to meet all requirements for Domestic and International Parcel Load shipments – cost-effectively. With 4 different designs and an array of sizes, we have the parcel load solution to transport your products, compliantly.


Design Features & Benefits:

  • Universal Pack-out – One Pack-out for Winter and Summer.
  • 4 Design Options to choose from:
    1. All Polyurethane – Lid and Base.
    2. 1”-4” Ether Plug Lid with Polyurethane Base.
    3. EPS Lid with Polyurethane Base.
    4. Laminated Polyurethane base with Ether Plug Lid.
  • Over 100 different sizes available.
  • Training can be provided.
  • Custom Design available.



Performance Features & Benefits:

  • 1° – 10°C, 2° – 8°C, or Frozen application solutions available.
  • Long-Duration Solutions.
  • First Mile or Last Mile Solutions.
  • Performance Duration will depend on application and collection/distribution process.